Updated Show Information 2/2/2015

Thanks to Ellen Gould for hosting the 2015 NENDA Annual Meeting in Mendon,MA. The meeting was attended by Sue Barry, Michelle Lyon, Ellen Gould, Rebecca Wilson and Lorene Toth. Welcome new members Kim Enos & Tru Levesque,Cynthia Labbe, Kim Mulvey & Nina Mattison and Stephanie & Christopher Doughty!



To educate about and promote the proper care of Nigerian dwarf dairy goats as small-scale dairy animals, exhibition animals and pets. This shall be accomplished by increasing opportunities for learning about goat management and conformation, safe milk handling and production of milk-based by-products. Encouraging closer fellowship among members through correspondence, exhibitions, meetings and workshops and serving as a resource for members and to the public regarding personal milk supplies and the use of the Nigerian dwarf goat as a milk source.